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Welcome to BetterBadge

If you believe we all need to take action to help solve the most pressing environmental challenges facing our communities, then you're in the right place. Our goal is to help spread the word that there are people like us asking for more sustainable products and services from the local businesses we know and love.

If you're ready to tell the companies you trust that you want better, opt in today and make an impact for years to come. (You only need to submit your email once!)

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We believe our everyday purchases don't need to harm the environment.
We show businesses large and small that you feel the same way.
By opting in, you are contributing to a more sustainable world.

How we create change

Build a community

When you opt into BetterBadge, you join a community. A community of individuals around the world dedicated to driving environmental action while maintaining the high quality of life we have come to appreciate.

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Discover and engage local businesses

We approach businesses every day, and you are welcome to as well, to show them how they can benefit from the BetterBadge movement. They can see which of their current customers have opted in, and use that core group to launch their environmental actions.

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More sustainable choices for everyone

As companies see demand for environmentally sustainable products and services, they will deliver them. You will begin to see lower waste, lower carbon, and higher positive impact options in the businesses you love, thanks to BetterBadge.

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Community grows, as does impact

As better options become available, more people will adopt sustainable lifestyles, finding BetterBadge, and showing even more demand. More businesses will see the demand, offer new products, and the cycle continues.

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How we define

The Principles

We work with our partners to help them implement these sustainability principles:

1. Commit to the principles

2. Apply the precautionary principle

3. Learn from and mimic nature

4. Engage with your community

5. Measure change

6. Be honest about your goals, failures, and successes

7. Seek assistance with challenges that you don’t have the capacity to address

8. Change the default option

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